Classic Stereo Bus Compressor Revisited

US Sknote's A25 plug-in adds modern enhancements      12/12/19

Classic Stereo Bus Compressor Revisited

Sknote tells us that A25 has been modeled after a beautiful stereo compressor, with a few modern add-ons:

  • Sample aligned Dry-Wet control.
  • Mid-Side balance control of action of the compressor (sets where the processing is done between Mid and Side components of the stereo field).
  • True Auto-Gain, for easy level-matched comparison.
  • Through-clipboard preset management system (copy and paste between instances).


A spokesperson told us, “A25 is the first product we designed with a new vectorial interface, first step towards complete resizeability. We put quite some efforts to accurately model all aspects of the unit, from transformers to compression to filters.”

A25 has been released as as VST/AU/AAX for Windows and Mac OSX 32 and 64 bit systems and also coming as AAX-DSP for Avid HDX and Venue live consoles.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at offer $29.99 (regular price: $49.99)

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