Five Delay Pedal Types In One Plug-In

US Kuassa releases the DL3606 Delay FX Engine      25/10/19

Kuassa says that their DL3606 Delay FX Engine brings five most desirable types of delay pedal effect software to your DAW, complete with modulation parameter to add life and movement to the repeats or echoes. Here's the story in their own words...

It’s probably one of the most essential effects in audio effect processing, even before widely used in music. It all started in the 1940s, where studio engineers utilized multiple tape machines to create repeats of a signal for creative uses. Along with the advancement of technology, this particular kind of effect is still developed continuously with more features, new sounds, and modern routing possibilities. On the other hand, many players still seek for classic delay sound that can be heard on a great number of timeless records.

In the path to complete our line of Efektor pedal effects software, Kuassa present the Efektor DL3606 Delay. Efektor DL3606 brings five most desirable types of delay effect audio plugins to your DAW, complete with modulation parameter to add life and movement to the repeats or echoes.

Started from utilizing multiple tape recorders, oil can electrostatic units, portable tape delay machines, to rack units and compact delay pedals; Kuassa Efektor DL3606 Delay provides 5 types of delay pedal effects software at your disposal:

    Digital: Clean and clear, with wide frequency range.
    Analog: Dark and mushy, inspired by the bucket brigade delay pedals
    Lo-Fi: Grainy and dirty, lower bitrate with reduced frequency range
    Tape: Simulated the warm and lush sound of vintage tape units
    Reverse: Repeats the signal backwards for ethereal and ambient effect

Key Features:

• 5 popular delay types

• Modulation section with individual Rate and Depth controls

• Separate Wet and Dry controls

• BPM sync

• Photorealistic graphics for lifelike guitar playing experience

• Straightforward and easy to use interface


Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $19

More information:





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