Midihub - MIDI Processor & Router

US Blokas announces new product is now ready for pre-order      30/08/19

 Blokas, a music-hardware micro-corporation located in Vilnius, Lithuania has announced that after 3 years in development Midihub, described as a versatile MIDI processor & router is open for pre-orders. They tell us that it will be in a format of a crowdfunding campaign and there will be some limited icebreaker deals with discounts up to 42%. Here’s the details in their own words…

Description of Midihub:

Midihub is a versatile MIDI Processor & Router developed by Blokas. It comes equipped with classic MIDI Input and Output ports, 4 of each, as well as a USB port for power and/or communicating with a computer.

Midihub operates around the concept of pipes, sort of MIDI effects, that can be combined using the Midihub Editor to process MIDI messages in tons of useful and creative ways.

Midihub Editor works on all major platforms and supports more than 30 pipes already ranging from a simple CC filter pipe to more exotic arpeggiator or note dispatcher pipes.

Midihub can cover MIDI filter, merger, splitter, transformer, router, note dispatcher, randomizer, transposer, micro tuner, master clock roles and this is just to name a few.

Midihub can hold 8 different presets in its internal memory and once the presets are stored Midihub can be used completely stand-alone in a computer-less setup.

Additional info:

During the campaign, we will have the following purchase options:

98€/$109 - 1 x Midihub (40% off MSRP 164€/$182), limit: 25
108€/$120 - 1 x Midihub (34% off MSRP 164€/$182), limit: 45
114€/$126 - 1 x Midhub (30% off MSRP 164€/$182), limit: 200
198€/$219 - 2 x Midihub (39% off MSRP 164€/$182), limit: 40
568€/$629 - 6 x Midihub (42% off MSRP 164€/$182), limit: 5

Pricing and Availability:
See main text.

More information:



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