Bonkers British synth      27/08/19
    MP4 5:33 mins    

Episode two in our 5-MINUTES-WITH series, and this time its the EMS/Putney VCS-3. An unusual synthesizer from the late 1960's with a truly scientific vibe to it.

3 VCOs, Trapezoid generators, joystick and 64 pin matrix - oh and a spring reverb are a few of its unique features..

Peter Zinovieff started building these instruments to fund his burgeoning obsession with electronic music. It went on to become a quirky classic.

Yes the VCS-3 is a rare beast, rumour has it that there is a waiting list for modern builds of this directly from EMS, but the timescale appears to be rather vague.

Arturia Synthi V  - Software version of the Synthi (suitcase VCS3); http://bit.ly/synthifive

EMSSynthesisers.co.uk - not updated for some time.



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