Sonic LAB: Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

US Unusual desktop analogue instrument      12/07/19
    MP4 26:42 mins    

First up, we should be open about this,  Gaz and Nick weren't scheduled to review this, but due to a technical hitch with what we were supposed to review.

We made use of the time to explore the Analogue Solutions Impulse Command - which Gaz had been sent to check out. Hence we were a little, ahem,  under prepared.

But as it happens we found a really interesting and good sounding instrument. Its not completely traditional and features some of Analogue Solutions unique and quirky approaches to synthesis.

Its essentially a two VCO synth with a stereo filter, twin envelopes, and 2 LFOs. But in addition you get the Sequercizer - a 16 step value sequencer which can be routed to a number of places. There is also a MIDI loop recorder - great for throwing notes sequences into the mix. 
And also a digital DSP with several algorithms. And a 15 point 1/8th inch patch bay for some more modular routings.

Analogue solutions has added a few questionable parameters and routings as well. Questionable in that we don't really know what they technically do - such as AGGRO and PATCH (in the Sequercizer). Just tweak them and enjoy what happens eh? Thats what we did...

We had some fun exploring the sounds and have to say it does sound really good. Something a little different but with that Analogue Solutions sound as well - they are well known for their vintage sounding instruments.

An interesting instrument. Priced at just over £1000 UK

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