Masterclass With Alan Parsons

GRAMMY Award-winning musician and producer offers three unique master classes in California      13/06/19

Masterclass With Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons has announced a series of three recording master classes at his brand new recording facility, ParSonics, in Santa Barbara, on July 25, 26 and 27, 2019. Each master class has a different focus: ‘Music Production Rules!’ is for music educators on July 25; ‘In The Mix’ focuses on mixing on July 26; and ‘Life’s a Long Song’ features a full band recording session on July 27. Here's the details extracted from Alan Parsons' press release...

These are the first master classes to be held at Parson’s luxurious, Neve 5088-endowed ParSonics facility in the hills above Santa Barbara, where attendees will be able to relax and take in sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean during breaks.

On July 25 ‘Music Production Rules!’ for music educators will be presented by Parsons supported by a team of audio specialists and educators, who will unravel the mysteries of teaching music production and audio engineering. Topics include Funding, Which DAW?, Pedagogy, Lesson Plans, Certification and Career Opportunities. The final session sees Parsons demonstrating best practices when recording acoustic guitar with vocal simultaneously—a perennial challenge and one of the most popular sections in Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording (ASSR) series that has now become a staple in schools and colleges all over the world.

‘In The Mix’ will be presented on July 26. It incorporates a mix session led by Parsons, who will mix two tracks recorded at previous ASSR master classes. One, a stereo mix, the second, a Surround mix employing Alan’s imposing lineup of B&W 802 Diamond loudspeakers.

Alan Parsons has long championed spatially enhanced formats—his legendary Quad mix of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon is featured in the Immersion Edition 6 CD Boxed Set—and The Alan Parsons Project album Stereotomy was recorded using the first iteration of ambisonics. In 2019 Parsons won the GRAMMY for Best Immersive Album for his re-mastered 35th Anniversary Edition of Eye In The Sky.

At the mix session, attendees will witness first hand Alan’s meticulous attention to detail on all aspects of mixing, from preparation to automation, processing, balance, positioning and levels, as well as tap into his approaches to and secrets of mixing in Surround.

The final session on July 27, ‘Life’s A Long Song,’ is a full band recording session with live tracking of drums, bass, guitar and keys, instrumental overdubs and vocals. Parsons is a master of such intense single day sessions where decisions have to be made quickly and the collective energy in the room contributes to the event's highly creative atmosphere.

Meals and refreshments are included in the ticket price and discounted multi-day tickets are also available. All attendees receive a signed Certificate Of Completion relevant to the class or classes they attend.

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