What Just Happened At Thomann Synth Reactor?

Mega Synth Drone and more      25/03/19

If you follow any of the main synth focussed Youtubers, you may have seen a bunch of videos and social media coming out with the hashtag #TSR19.
Sadly not from us, as editor Nick was having some building works done on his house so sadly couldn't make the trip. But regular contributor Gaz Williams was invited to be Gaz.

Essentially, Thomann brought together 25 Youtubers focussed on electronic music and synthesizers and put on a sort of private trade event/get together at the Treppendorf HQ near Nuremburg in Germany.
Based on a similar  event they've put on for the guitar community (Gearhead University), this was designed to get a bunch of people together, and a bunch of manufacturers, and enable a sea of content to be made. As well as accommodation, access to the warehouse and store, there were several well - equipped video studios setup for the attendees to use.

Ita an interesting concept, and one that could have legs, more time to talk and collaborate and check out certain gear, but of course it is also a marketing vehicle for a single retailer and specific manufacturers. The general feedback appears to be a positive one.

The content is now coming thick and fast from, Cuckoo, DivKid, Look Mum No Computer, Once Upon A Synth, Jade Wii, 8-Bit Keys, Bo Beats, Tuesday Night Machines, Hainbach,  Noir Et Blanc Vie,  and many more.

Check out Gaz and Once Upon A Synth running a bass through a Moog One:

And how about fixing a Neumann Head Mic onto a turntable, then creating a massive improvised synth drone by taping down keys on a room full of synths? No problem:

There's a lot more to come, so stay tuned and search for the hashtag #TSR19.

Hopefully, if we're invited again next year, we'll get to go.

Thomann's new Synth Youtube Channel

Participating Youtubers:

LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER  /  Cuckoo  /  BoBeats  /  Doctor Mix  /  DivKid  /  HAINBACH  /  Rachel K Collier  /  Dawless Jammin’  /  Simon The Magpie  /  The Tuesday Night Machines  /  Ann Annie  /  Once Upon A Synth  /  Jakob Haq  /  PlugInGuru  /  Molten Music Technology  /  Accurate Beats  /  Automatic Gainsay  /  Noir Et Blanc Vie  /  SynthMania  /  Gaz Williams  /  Multiplier /  SoundsAndGear  /  8-Bit Keys  /  VØSNE  /  Synth Anatomy  




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