Classic Passive EQ Revisited

NoiseAsh Rule Tec Collection re-imagines three Pultec models      20/03/19

NoiseAsh says that their Rule Tec Collection offers extremely accurate models of legendary equalizer units.

A spokesperson told us, "We’ve modeled lot’s of unique complex interactive analog behaviour in order to present all signature characteristics of the original units’  must have tone. Same musicality, clarity, warmth and character with original units which is immediately noticeable when tweaking frequency boosts. Use it on every track. Just put it on the channel, and it will just sound great. Rule Tec add a very desirable and subtle tube saturation to your signal even when the EQ is set flat. Rule Tec Heritage Pro is all in one solution for both professional mixing and mastering purposes. The result is pretty amazing. All in one solution for legendary famous equalizer tone that you’ve heard in thousands of records for 70 years."


  • Extremely accurate circuit reproduction of the most popular vintage studio equalizers ever made
  • Complex legendary interaction between filters with smooth and musical curves
  • Unique analog behavior of total harmonic distortion, tubes, hum etc.
  • Friend of CPU
  • Resizable GUI


Pricing and Availability:
Rule Tec Heritage Pro: $49

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