Roll Your Own Wavtetables With Free Wave Weld Utillity

Max For Live device creates them for Ableton and others      12/03/19

Our friends over at Metafunction, the folks we made The Wave Junction and MonoFunction Max For Live instruments with have announced the availability of The Wave Weld - a FREE Max for Live device that allows you create your own custom wavetables for importing into Ableton's WaveTable Synth (part of the Live 10.1 Suite). You can also create tables for The Wave Junction too.

Wave Weld from

Note: you will need Ableton Live 10.1 Suite to run The Wave Weld

  • Unique waveshaping controls to generate custom wavetables
  • Sine waveshape phase shift and curve shape controls
  • Additive style synthesis via choice of twenty four sine waveshape harmonics for both positive and negative phase angles
  • Saw waveshape curve sharpen and partial controls
  • Pulse waveshape width, phase shift, curve smooth and curve sharpen controls
  • Triangle waveshape phase shift, curve smooth and curve sharpen controls
  • Random waveshape quantization, curve smooth and thinning controls
  • Generate arbitrary waveshapes for multiple waves
  • Load and adapt any custom made wavetables. Build a library of self made wavetables
  • Wavetable length adjustable to 1024, 2048 and 4096 samples
  • Grid size adjustable to 128, 256, 512 and 1024 samples
  • Export the wavetable as a 1024 – 4096 sample 16 bit integer WAV file

To get your free Wave Weld, follow this link (requires mailing list sign-up)

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