Audio/CV Signal Routing Utility Device

Wieheister can perform unique routing tasks      22/02/19

Audio/CV Signal Routing Utility Device

SyntherJack tells us that Wieheister is a universal audio / CV signal routing utility device and among others can be used as:

  • passive mixer / multiple
  • configurable multiple
  • mono/stereo splitter/merger


According to SyntherJack...

Thanks to its modular design, it can perform unique routing tasks. Although small and simple to build, the device is a great companion for anyone who has a lot to do with cables and routing – like eurorack users and small portable synths wigglers (like Volcas, POs, Monotrons). It will not replace a real audio mixer or eurorack build-in active multiple, but will become handy in many real life situations.

Pricing and Availability:
The device can be bought via from online shop as a full kit.

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