Convolution IRs For The IKEA Plate Reverb

Watch Part 3 of the video and download the free files      21/12/18

If you've been following the story (Part 1 and Part 2) of the hacked IKEA Plate Reverb from LeoMakes, you'll be interested in this just-posted Part 3 video where Leo makes and gives away IR (Impulse Response) files of it.

Leo told us, "Viewers have been asking me about posting IR files since the first episode and I thought it would be a good video subject. So in this video, I explain how convolution works, walk you through the process of making an impulse response file and demo some sounds. It sounds just like the real thing!"

You can download the free IR .aif files from here, and load them into most convolution reverb plugins to get the IKEA plate sounds in your own music.

Leo says, "If you use these IR files and create some beautiful, brilliant, amazing music (or other art) please come back and share it in the comments below the video on Youtube. I get a huge kick out of seeing my work inspiring the art of other people."



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