Apogee Updates 2-Channel iOS Recording App

MetaRecorder Version 2.0 adds support for Timecode Systems' UltraSync BLUE module      19/10/18

Apogee Updates 2-Channel iOS Recording App

Apogee has released a new update to MetaRecorder Version 2.0 the first two-channel audio recording app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to offer intuitive multi-take recording, tagging and file organization for any field recording scenario. Version 2.0 adds support for the new UltraSync BLUE module by Timecode Systems along with updated compatibility with new Apogee products like Jam+ and MiC+. Here’s the details direct from Apogee…

Professional Field Recording
With the additional purchase of the UltraSync BLUE module, IOS users can wirelessly sync audio and video from up to 4 devices over bluetooth with a range up to 15 meters.  The BLUE timecode protocol is currently compatible with 2 IOS apps: Mavis Camera and Metarecorder.  Once the Bluetooth connection is established within the Mavis Camera app (for video) or Apogee Metarecorder (for audio) each connected device will be synced and ready for recording.  Timecode from BLUE is automatically embedded in the media files’ metadata for easy sync when using your favorite Mac editing app.

Timecode Simplified
UltraSync BLUE is the first device to enable iOS users to wirelessly sync audio and video from up to four devices over Bluetooth with a range up to 15 meters. The Apogee MetaRecorder app and the MAVIS Camera app have both adopted support for Timecode Systems’ new patented system which, for the first time, allows sound and video recorded on an iPhone to be synced with sub-frame accuracy using Timecode over Bluetooth. Timecode from UltraSync BLUE is automatically embedded in the media files’ metadata for easy sync when using your favorite editing app.

Automatic Re-Sync
While using the BLUE transmitter even out-of-range devices continue to generate timecode. Once devices return within range, timecode is jam-synced to the BLUE source.  The BLUE transmitter will remain powered for up to 16 hours per charge.


  • Field recording App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Record multiple takes and navigate easily between them
  • Mono or stereo audio recording up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution
  • Add metadata such as Keywords, Markers + Notes and Favorites on the fly
  • Customize audio file names
  • Export to Dropbox as FCPXML format to open in Final Cut Pro
  • Control input gain and other settings for Sennheiser and Apogee audio interfaces
  • Control essential features with Apple Watch
  • Linked recording with other iOS Devices running MetaRecorder*
  • Bluetooth Timecode Sync with UltraSync Blue*


*Requires In-App Purchase

Pricing and Availability:
Metarecorder 2.0 is available Oct 17, 2018, as a free download on the App Store.  The Timecode upgrade for MetaRecorder that adds support for UltraSync Blue is available as an in-app purchase for $2.99.

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