That Time When Pink Floyd Played Venice On A Massive Raft

And had to turn it down to avoid damaging buildings      21/08/18

That Time When Pink Floyd Played Venice On A Massive Raft

While we often curse the endless repetition of the Facebook algorithm, sometimes the occasional gem will turn up. This one for instance is a story about a free concert Pink Floyd put on in 1989, floating on a massive barge in front of San Marco in Venice. 

Other than the fact that they decided it would happen and anyone could come as long as they could get to Venice, that appears to be all the provision that was given to the inevitable massive audience. According to this great post on

There were no public toilets, insufficient housing (many of the fans did not have money for hotels even should they have been available) so the crowds slept in the open square of San Marco. The Venetian police protested as they had not the personnel to maintain the peace. Stores were barricaded to protect their goods from looting.

Apparently, the Venetians protests at Floyd hijacking the Rendetore fireworks celebrations were pretty much ignored due to tha fact that the promoter was also the VP of the Venetian Council and together with the local comissioner "bribed their way to securing the venue".

The one concession that was made was that the monumentally large sound system they employed was "turned down to avoid damaging the ancient buildings.

The concert was broadcast by RAI to an estimated 100 million people.

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