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Songsmith ConVertor+ works from a monophonic analog audio input      09/07/18

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Sonicsmith has posted this video introduction to the ConVertor+ Audio Controlled Synthesizer, a new version of the ConVertor synth with several improvements.

A spokesperson told us, "The ConVertor+ has the cutting edge technology to control analog synths with your own instrument. Its internal sound engine is completely analog and it works on a standard 9V power. it can “learn” the frequency of a monophonic analog audio input while playing analog synth waves and CV outputs of pitch, ENV, gate and trigger CV outputs. Unlike other analog VCO’s, the ACO never looses tune, has 8 octaves range of detection and has 5-12 micro-seconds reaction time."


  •     Single ACO audio controlled synthesizer
  •     Extracts gate, pitch, envelope and trigger CV signals from a single audio input
  •     Plays internal analog synth with both square and sawtooth waves along with the input
  •     Input auto-adjusting filter can work in 2 pole (faster) or 4 pole (tighter)
  •     Powerful Input preamp with clean 40dB range
  •     Envelope follower with continuous control from positive to reverse shape
  •     Side chain minijack input can feed the second ENV follower for alternative ENV path
  •     2 thru jacks duplicate the main input and side-chain input for unlimited daisy chaining
  •     9V battery operation or standard 9V pedal supply
  •     Dual level meters for main input and side chain input
  •     Input auto-filter is assignable to the output where it’s audible
  •     Robust 2mm aluminum casing

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