Kontakt Library Designed To Work With MPE

AURAS features a collection of multi layered instruments      14/06/18

AURAS from Slate + Ash on Vimeo.


AURAS is a new sample library for Kontakt by Slate + Ash, musical sound designers who have created bespoke sounds for some of the most interesting film scores of the past few years including Johann Johannson’s work for Arrival and Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury’s score on Annihilation.

Slate + Ash tell us that it is the first Kontakt library designed for compatibility with ROLI MPE technology (it is also works with traditional MIDI keyboards) and features a collection of multi layered instruments using sample recordings from strings, winds, modular synth, voice, guitar and all sorts of other random oddities.

The library features two sections -

AURAS -  curated multi-layered instruments, creatively programmed to inspire new ideas. Layers and effects are interacted with using the multi-dimensional gestural controls of the Seaboard, or can be mapped to the knobs and sliders of any MIDI CC controller. A minimal GUI allows multiple parameters of each layer to be tweaked in order to to adjust the sound to taste.

COLOURS - gives you the opportunity to take the source material from AURAS and shape your own sounds. A modulation matrix allows various effects and parameters to be assigned to the Seaboard multi-touch controls, knobs and sliders on a MIDI controller, or any of two adjustable internal LFOs.

A spokesperson told us, "The bold sound design is unlike anything else previously released for Kontakt, and performing the patches with ROLI's MPE interfaces allows you to play with the shapes and forms of each patch in a way that creates a completely unique sound."

Pricing and Availability:

The library is currently available as a pre-order (release due 20th June) at an intro price of £149 (regular price £179)

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