Sonic LAB: Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal Review

US Gaz and Nick create some weird space      09/04/18
    MP4 29:6 mins    

The Ventris Dual Reverb from Source Audio is a dual DSP Reverb Pedal  - which means it has two independent FX engines that can be routed serial or parallel, each with a selection of tasty reverb based algorithms.

It's pretty small, with plenty of connections, while it can be used in a guitar rig, either inline of on a loop, it also works very nicely with line level signals - and is a vibe factory for synths too (or pretty much anything you want).

Engines A+B both have identical capabilities and with 12 distinct algorithms:


Editing each engine from the front panel is simply a matter of selecting the engine with the toggle switch and tweaking.
When in dual mode, controls are re-assigned according to the way you set them up in the editor (Mac PC - iOS coming soon) including the way the footswitches operate and what they do.

The sound of Ventris is really lovely, as well as relatively standard reverbs (room/hall/plate/spring) it excels at ambient spacey large and modulated reverb textures. Pretty much anything you put in can sound immense with pitch shifting and modulation  as well as the ability to freeze the reverbs to have endless beds. When in dual mode you can freeze one engine and then play through the second one, or freeze both.

For synths and electronic sources, it's endless fun, I imagine that guitars could get you there too - if you are so inclined.

The editor (mac/pc iOS coming soon) allows you to tweak more of the parameters and set the knobs and other controls to be as you like them, the right hand footswitch has two modes, tap and hold, so for instance many presets (8 accessible from the front panel, 128 via MIDI) use tap to set tempo and hold to freeze the sound.

MIDI control is also no problem, pretty much all parameters are addressable via MIDI ports or USB MIDI.

Stereo in/Stereo Out, L to A R to B and stereo sum out, two mono paths L-A-L, R-B-R you should find a way to set it up for your system.

I can see this being a hit with the people who are already using Eventides or other pedals in a modular or live synth setup, with the small size and large sound. But essentially it doos sound lovely. If ambient stuff is your thing or you need large atmospheric sounds then look no further.

Inputs and Outputs

  • Stereo Input L+R
  • Stereo Output L+R
  • MIDI In/Through
  • Footswitch input  - Expression or Switch
  • Control Input: 1/8th jack
  • USB (Mini) for Editor

Price $399/£389

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