Nord Speedy Tutorial Series Concludes

52 videos, one a week for the last year, can now all be seen together online      29/03/18

Nord UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd has completed their 52-week 'Nord Speedy Tutorial' series. Since March last year, Sound Technology has been posting a Nord Speedy Tutorial every week.  Each one-minute tutorial answers a frequently asked question or provides a useful tip or trick for the Nord Stage 2 EX, Stage 3, Electro 5, Piano 3, Lead 4 or Lead A1.  

The most popular tutorials have included: Nord Stage 2 / EX: How to use Live mode;  Nord Stage 3 : How to assign instruments to Zones; and Nord Electro 5: How to use Set List mode.

Handy tips and tricks include: Nord Stage 3 : How to change Stereo Outputs to Mono and Nord Lead A1 : How to crossfade sounds using a foot pedal and the Morph function.

The Speedy Tutorials have also highlighted the speed and ease of adjusting the settings of each Nord keyboard directly from its front panel without the need to delve into menus.

Although the original 52-week series is now completed, Sound Technology will be adding more content over the coming weeks, including tutorials for the upcoming Nord Electro 6 Series. Suggestions from customers for additional Speedy Tutorial videos are also encouraged.

You can find the whole series on the Nord Speedy Tutorial Page of Sound Technology's Musicians Blog or via their YouTube channel.

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Sound Technology Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Nord Keyboards in the UK and ROI.

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