Behringer's Pro-One Clone Revealed

Yep, it's a desktop version of the 1980s Sequential Circuits monosynth      15/03/18

Behringer's Pro-One Clone Revealed

Following on from the pictures of a circuit board as revealed in our story a couple of weeks ago it seems that the speculation about a 'Bro-One' was correct - Behringer has now posted these two pictures on their Facebook page...

So a prototype is made, and it follows the Neutron and Model D format. Not sure how we feel about this one, things seem to be getting out of hand, although some folks will be delighted at the prospect of an affordable Pro-one type synth, it just feels a bit wrong somehow.

However, one can argue that this is something we've seen before - anyone remember the Creamware ASB (DSPbased) mini versions of the Mini and Prophet?



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