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Audified works with with Drum Workshop to introduce the DW Drum Enhancer      23/01/18

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Audified has announced a cross-brand cooperation with Drum Workshop (DW), the leading drums and hardware manufacturer, leading to the development of DW Drum Enhancer, a VST/AU/AAX plug-in. They say that DWDE is a processing tool that will make your drums sound great instantly.

DW Drum Enhancer is not just one effect. It has got several EQs and compressors inside. By dialing the drum type the plug-in automatically chooses appropriate gate and compressor model and sets the 3-band EQ's frequencies to ideal values. Audified says that five types of valve saturation will give your drum tracks the real-life feel.

Scott Donnell, Vice President of Marketing for DW brands, 2018, told us, "As Audified is already well versed in creating amazing audio plug-ins, we didn't want to pretend to be software engineers, but rather play to our strength in knowing what drummers want and translating that into a product that's not over-engineered and is easy to use -- something that makes music-making more fruitful. We gave Audified a list of ideas and they ran with it, but, before we knew it, we were working on presets and had already established a way to maximise workflow."

Pricing and Availability:
DW Drum Enhancer is available to purchase at an introductory promo price of $149.00 USD until February 15, 2018 -- rising to $199.00 USD thereafter

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