Publish Synth Sales Charts for 2017

Hot sellers - interesting reading      08/12/17 Publish Synth Sales Charts for 2017's Dan Orkin has taken a look at the best sellers in the synth market over at who should be able to gather some fulsome data, being a marketplace for both used and new equipment.

As we know, the electronic music scene is in fine form, with many new releases (though perhaps not as many as 2016). Guitars once again have taken somewhat of a back seat in the music tech buying public's choices. We wonder why that might be? Fashion being one, synths are cool! Perhaps also that there's less room for innovation in such an established musical instrument form? Who knows...

With four new Boutiques,  Roland are occupying 4 of the top 15 slots for 2017 releases. The SH-01A, D-05, TR-08 and the analog SE-02 all released this year. Korg also coming on strong with both Volcas, Minilogue and Monologue Moog, Korg, and Dave Smith Instruments released variations on existing instruments, while Novation came to the table with the Peak, the latest in a growing sector of fully featured desktop synths.

Overall Best Sellers:

Interesting to see the venerable Access Virus Ti2 in there and also some love for the 0-Coast.

On to the best sellers released in 2017

Again, nothing massively surprising but looks like the Digitakt has really been a popular release for Elektron, and good to see the Novation in there - it's a great synth.

Eurorack 2017 Sales

So a lot of people perhaps starting out in Eurorack with PSU and kits from Tip Top doing well, and good to see the UK in the No1 slot with Expert Sleepers Disting - represent!

So what does this all mean? Obviously, these are only sales at, so doesn't reflect all sales data, but it should be a pretty good indicator of whats going on.

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