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Polyjamer aims to offer a complete system for live electronic music improvisation      20/09/17

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The designers of Polyjamer, a free iOS app, tell us that it is a new kind of super intuitive instrument, open for everyone, collaborative and super fun. Here's the info that they have sent us...

A good live setup is the holy grail

Almost every electronic music artist comes to a point when they want to bring their music to the stage, looking for the coolest, most fun and expressive way to perform their music live. Most choose to simply play a DJ set, but more and more producers and songwriters want to reproduce their music live, and bring spontaneity, variations, and life to their music,
And so they start the journey of building their live setup.

A good live setup is hard to put together

This journey can take many different paths but in 90% of the time, artists choose to work with existing software and hardware, that usually contain Ableton Live, midi controllers, hardware sequencers, synthesizers, drum machines, and other gadgets. These tools not only cost thousands of Euros, but require careful reading of long manuals, a deep understanding of the possibilities they offer, and the knowhow for how to put them all to work seamlessly together.

A good live setup is hard to master

Once you have all the equipment, you know how to operate it all and how it is all connected,
The next step is to train yourself to remember what everything does, and to create a mental model of your live setup, that will allow you easily control and create music as you want it to be heard, live on the fly. To reach the point where you can control your live setup like a piano player controls their instrument, can take a long time if ever, with a table full of buttons, knobs and lights that look like a spaceship, doing your best to remember which button performs what action, this is due to the fact that the design of these sequencing and sound generating machines comes from, and for the world of the studio, not so much the stage.

A good live setup is never good enough

We argue that the available electronic music creation tools are not instruments, but rather technologies that allow you to compose, design and mix your music in a hands-on way. The main difference between composition and playing an instrument is that composition tends to take more resources from the logical, rational side of the brain, While playing a music instrument (when mastered) resembles more the act of talking, singing or dancing, it does not require much conscious brain activity, once you control your instrument as an extension of your body, you can use it to express yourself fluently to create music out of thin air with zero latency, directly from your brain out through your fingers.

The Polyjamer Instrument

The powerful pattern creation method behind Polyjamer is a technique that allows musicians to easily achieve a state of flow, and design their live setup in an easier way that is highly flexible, super expressive, and easier to master. Polyjamer will offers a complete system for live electronic music improvisation that is highly customisable, and can be integrated with any current DAW or music hardware.

Pricing and Availability:
Free at the app store.

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