First AI Composed + Produced Album To Be Released

The rise of the robots - run for it!      25/08/17

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AI and music is one of those subjects that usually promises much, but delivers very little, true one can appreciate how clever the technology is, but the results are well, often underwhelming.

This new project by AI creation tool Amper - a project  co-founded by clever clogs Drew Silverstein which allows the AI to create, arrange and produce final results, taking into account the input of real musicians for collaboration is something beyond those usual results. Details are a little sketchy as to exactly what the AI did in this particular project and what the part the human in this  case Taryn Southern but the final result certainly is presentable and has had a large amount of interest for the Youtube video.

The forthcoming album entitled "I am AI" is a collaboration between Amper which provided the notation, chord progressions, instrumentation, and Taryn Southern the vocal melodies and lyrics. The album is set to be released shortly - check the site for latest news.

Here's is a raw Amper music file with vocal of the track Second Chance - unfortunately we can't embed it, its private.

This whole area does raise some interesting questions, firstly the usual "allows you to create with no experience" thing, yeah that makes actual skilled people bristle somewhat. I mean don't we have enough mediocre music content? That commodity word again.

But the idea of a collaborative experience could be very interesting, sometimes working solo doesn't get you to where places, collaboration usually creates more than the sum of the parts. has an online tool that allows you create mood based music beds, add accent points, albeit rather bluntly - (cymbal swells, hits and other preset accents). it seems primarily focussed on creating music beds for picture (you can add a video to the project) - which in itself is a large market - see our recent interview with library music composer Jason Donnelly.


We were discussing this in the office, if you need library music, would you not rather pay a small amount to license something created by a human?

I guess it all comes down to the interface and creative experience, ultimately, it could be like using a spreadsheet, or a beautiful inspiring GUI. I don't think the version I've seen is quite at that stage, but it has potential. You can check it out yourself at


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