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Drumforge Announces DF-TRANS transient designer plug-in      08/03/17

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Drumforge tells us that DF-TRANS is a fresh take on transient designers specifically for transforming drum mixes and shaping your drum dynamics. The processor features 3 operation modes: classic with selectable attack and sustain times, filter detection mode, and sidechain via external source or internal frequency focus. It also offers a mix knob to allow for full parallel processing. Here's the details in Drumforge's own words...  


  • 3 operation modes: classic, filter detection, and sidechain via external source or internal frequency focus
  • Optimized attack and sustain times on switchable buttons designed for mixing
  • drums
  • Individual clip buttons for attack and sustain enable you to achieve dramatic results
  • Each 2x button allows you to increase the range of attack and sustain independently
  • Built-in mix knob allows for parallel processing

Meet King TRANS.
DF-TRANS enables you to magically transform your drum sound effectively and musically. Whether you need that glorious snare crack, epic kick drum sustain, or remarkable transformation on all of your percussive loops, DF-TRANS delivers victory when you need it the most. A transient designer should be flexible, musical, and enjoyable to use (not to mention handsome). DF-TRANS gives you all the benefits you need to create great music without the hassle. Other transient processors of this caliber are more than double the gold pieces with half the experience points!

Forge Your Dynamics.
Great drum mixes require immense attention to detail. DF-TRANS gives you impressive dynamic shaping flexibility. Filter mode enables you to insert a high pass or low pass filter into the detector circuit so you can target the areas from your source which you don't need to effect. Two different sidechain modes allow you to either pinpoint a distinct frequency range of the signal for processing or trigger from an external sound source. Optional clipping encourages you to be bold in your processing while maintaining firm control of thy kingdom. Reign in outrageous settings with a parallel mix knob for exciting, yet organic results.

Conquer Your Groove.
DF-TRANS was forged to bring your music to life by giving you influence over how your drums groove. Radically alter your stock and stale drum loops to create new and spirited sounds. Tighten sustain on your hi hat to increase the intensity and percussiveness of a track. Relax the attack on your snare to make it feel softer and more organic. Drive sustain into a kick drum to make it bloom. Hammer attack into your toms to accentuate their thunder. DF-TRANS is the king of transient processors. Rule your dynamics with authority and ease. Thy musical kingdom shall prosper.

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