Kano - Computers Anyone Can Make As Easy As Lego

Make a speaker, a dum machine a synth and more      06/10/16

Kano - Computers Anyone Can Make As Easy As Lego

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What is Kano? As their Kickstarter campaign state: "Computers anyone can make, like Lego. Built and loved in 86 countries (so far.)"

Aimed at making DIY Electronics accessible for the masses London-based company Kano has unveiled three new DIY kits to allow users to explore electronics and coding with an easy to use interface.

The three kits include a pixel board, a speaker and a camera.

The most interesting kit for music makers is the speaker kit, this can be turned into a drum machine, a synth, sampler and more. The kit includes a gesture controller and a drum pad.

With 21 days to go the Kickstarter campaign is well on its way to reaching tis $500,000 goal.

"These kits are standalone, with a tiny-but-powerful brain inside. Control them wirelessly, from any web browser. Kano Code makes it simple. It's live, side-by-side, and levels you up slowly, with playful challenges. Join a cool online community, for competitions and unending content."

Prices range from $99 for a single kit to $249 for all three kits.

For more info visit the Kano Kickstarter

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