New OS V3.0 For Behringer X32

US Automix, editor improvements and more      07/09/16

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The arrival of the Behringer X32 Digital Mixing console shook up the affordable digital console market, since then we've had a  couple of OS updates, but today Behringer annouced - well released a video showing off the features of V3.0 software for the range of mixers.

First up, the X32 gets automix functions - where active mics can automatically duck other open channels - ideal in a conference or discussion  radio / video session where you don't know who's going to talk next. Additionally, theres X-Touch Control of the X32, which will allow hardware control of a rackmount ore remote mixer vie ethernet.

The X32 Control App also gets an update with fader groups, pop-out windows and crossover editing all added. The information is not up on the Behringer website yet, but you should be able to download it shortly and see the full list of new features.

We reviewed the X32 when it first came out:


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