Behringer DeepMind 12 Price Announced - Sort Of

US Via forum post by Uli Behringer      09/08/16

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The thread on surrounding the teasers and product info of the new Behringer DeepMind 12 (some people already calling it the DM12), has almost reached 180 page - people are keen to talk. Especially as CEO Uli Behringer has also been posting on this thread, asking for input on a desktop version and explaining the need to wait for pricing. In the mean time, a DCO feature set video has been posted (see above).

DM12 Desktop mockup

DeepMind 12 Desktop concept.


One major factor appears to have been that with so much interest, Behringer have been able to renegotiate their parts pricing and therefore reduce the end cost based on these negotiations.

Just posted by Behringer


A matter of minutes ago, Uli posted this:

I have now made the decision to offer the DeepMind12 at a recommended sales price of US$ 999.99 (I have a feeling your dealer might drop the 99 cents).*

*This price is based on US MAP – prices might vary based on location.

What's clear from this, is that they are really pushing the boundaries of what sort of synthesizer you can expect to get for your $$, it seems like this is going to be hard to beat price for feature wise.

He also goes on to say:

We are planning to ship the first units towards the end of the year. While we will do everything we can do ramp up production, please be patient as we don't know yet how we can fill all these backorders.



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