New Nektar Impact LX+ Adds Direct Synth Control And More

Intelligent parameter control, budget price      20/07/16

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We've had a few visits from the guys at Nektar showing their highly regarded Panaorama P1 controller, which utilises Nektar's direct parameter mapping - eseentially adding dedicated DAW and plug-in control. Rather than use wrappers, they but the work in and map controls into the driver so you don't have to think about it, it generally just works.

Nektar Impact LX+

Today, Nektar announce the release of the Impact 49+ range which is an update to their budget controller, but which also has the same dedicated,Mixer, Instrument and DAW control as well as direct patch changes from the keyboard. They've taken things a step further though and added new dynamic 4-colour pads, more dynamic control from the keybed, especially at lower velocities. Additionally, the Impact 49+ and 61+ have Direct Synthesis Parameters - they've added parameter names to the 8 knobs, and 2x ADSR (for 8 faders) which they've mapped to common synthesis parameters for virtual instruments.

Whats more, the price seems reasonable (all come with Bitwig 8 Track):

Impact LX49+: $199.99/Euro 179.99/GBP139.99
Impact LX61+: $299.99/Euro 199.99/GBP169.99

Features include:

  • Nektar DAW Integration for Bitwig Studio/8-Track, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason, Sonar and Studio One
  • 49 or 61 note full size, ultra-dynamic velocity sensitive keybed
  • Pitch bend and Modulation wheels
  • Octave and transpose buttons
  • 3 digit LED display
  • 9 faders
  • 9 fader buttons
  • 8 pots
  • Mixer and Instrument buttons with LED indicator for Nektar DAW Integration
  • Preset button with LED indicator for generic MIDI control
  • 5 user configurable presets
  • Page button with two LED's for Nektar DAW integration switch between User and Default mapping.
  • Default Instrument mapping screen printing in blue for Nektar DAW Integration
  • Dedicated Track and Patch buttons
  • 6 Transport buttons with additional shift functionality
  • 8 hyper sensitive pads, LED backlit with 4 color options
  • 4 pad maps
  • Clips and Scenes buttons for Nektar DAW Integration
  • Foot switch socket
  • Power on/off button
  • USB connector
  • USB class compliant compatible with OS X, Windows, Linux and iOS (via camera connection kit)
  • Full version of Bitwig 8-Track included




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