DDMF Releases Envelope Reverb

New plug-in for Mac and Windows features 8 simulated true stereo environments      11/05/16

DDMF Releases Envelope Reverb

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DDMF has released Envelope, a  reverb plug-in. A spokesperson had this to say...

Gone are the days when your mixes were either muddy and drowning in low-mid rumble or boring, plain and two dimensional. Envelope adds an instant expensive air to your tracks, be it with short, ambient rooms or long, lush reverb tails that seem to last forever. Eight simulated true-stereo spaces that can be tuned to your liking, 30 carefully designed presets to get you started, a classy-looking user interface with a clear and simple layout.

The creation of this true stereo reverb effect started with the observation that somehow, whenever I'd use one of the existing reverb plugins, the sound was never quite 'there': many of them did sound quite good when used with a solo vocal or instrument track, but in a mix contest, I'd quickly end up with a certain muddiness in the lower frequency and/or a too intrusive reverb effect around 5k-7k, where those nasty syllables usually make themselves heard. So the goal was to create something that would add air without ever sounding harsh, create a rich 3D impression without losing the fine details of the stereo field, and still be light enough on the CPU to be used ad lib in a true mixing context. Well, in all modesty, I think that goal has been reached: Envelope has, from a really early stage of its development, become my go-to reverb plugin, and now it is finally ready to become yours too! And not only does it sound great, it also looks fantastic, thanks to the invaluable UI design skills of the one and only Mr. Marek Zaris.


  • Zero-latency reverb algorithm with 8 simulated true stereo environments
  • Size and Depth control for full control of the individual algorithms
  • Switch between exponential (the 'natural' way) and linear decay (longer, more dreamy/eerie)
  • Low- and high cut EQ controls
  • Stereo width control: from full stereo to full mono
  • Wet/dry balance
  • 30 beautiful presets to get you started
  • Available in VST, AU (Mac only), RTAS and AAX format for Windows (XP and higher) and Mac OSX (10.6 and higher)

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price of $39 until the 31st of May (normally $49)

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