Free Drum Samples Crafted From Vinyl

ModeAudio Vinyl Drum Rack derives samples from crackle, hiss, needle drops and more      23/03/16

Free Drum Samples Crafted From Vinyl

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ModeAudio has released Vinyl Drum Rack, a free sample set featuring 32 samples crafted exclusively from the vinyl crackle, hiss, needle drops, speed ups and more of their studio turntable. The drum rack is set up for Ableton Live 9.6 along with 8 macro controls for easy control over the rack's sound. The samples themselves are also available for use in any DAW.

A spokesperson told us, "From warm washes of crackly snares to bursts of frazzled kicks, crispy hi hats and all manner of noisy percussion taps, clicks and claps, get cooking some genuinely dusty beats with out free ModeAudio Vinyl Drum Rack now!"

Pack Details:

  • 32 WAV Samples (made exclusively from vinyl crackle & turntable sounds)
  • 1 Drum Rack (featuring 8 macro controls)
  • 1 Ableton Live 9.6 Project (including 4 pre-made drum rhythm clips)


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