Korg Volca FM Info, Sounds and Manual Online

Warp Active Step, Cloning and other goodies      10/03/16

Buying Choices

Our piece with Korg Volca fm designer Tatsuya from NAMM was one of the most watched videos of the show. Clearly you want one, or certainly want to know more.

Good news, the Volca FM product page is up on Korg.co.uk site with information about the 3 Voice, 6 Operator, 32 algorithm FM Volca  which also has DX-7 patch compatibility - thats right, you can load in your favourites from a massive library of patches still available.

It also has pattern chaining, Motion Sequencing and a Clone function for using more than one Volca fm - presumably this will send the current patch data across to the second Volca for 6 voice operation.

Manual can be downloaded here.



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