No-Brainer Mastering On Your Computer

US IK Multimedia releases Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac and PC      02/03/16

No-Brainer Mastering On Your Computer

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It was released in its iPad incarnation just a few weeks ago and now IK Multimedia has announced that Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac and PC is also available. Here's the full story in their own words...

Lurssen Mastering Console is a powerful new audio mastering tool for Mac/PC that gives musicians, producers and engineers the ability to master their music, radio and TV commercials, film scores and more utilising a digital model of the chain and settings used by Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen and the team at multi-Grammy Award-winning Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, CA. Lurssen Mastering Console replicates Lurssen's "whole is greater than the sum of its parts" philosophy, which focuses on the order, connections and interactions between each individual processing component in the chain. With Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac and PC, now anyone can master their music with the tools, secrets and settings of a Grammy Award winning professional studio.

Streamlined studio knowhow
Lurssen Mastering Console features a processor chain that's built to simulate the order, processors, hookups and settings used by the team at Lurssen Mastering to master virtually every style of music today. Lurssen Mastering Console doesn't just model individual processors - it is unique because it also recreates the physical and audio interactions between them in the chain. It recreates the influences one processor has on the rest of the chain and how a setting change affects the performance and auditory results of the chain. This revolutionary approach provides for the synergistic "whole is greater than the sum of its parts" results that have made Lurssen Mastering Studio one of the top studios in the world.

The processing chain's parameters can be changed via 25 different "Styles" presets that reflect the selection and order of the processors in the chain, plus the actual knob settings used by the Lurssen Mastering team. These "Styles" are perfect one-stop mastering starting point tools for hip-hop, EDM, rock, pop, country, punk, Americana and more, and are the same settings used every day to master audio. Once a "Style" is loaded only certain knobs and settings are accessible for tweaking because, in Lurssen's own words, "once set, we don't change those settings." So, in essence, Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac and PC lets users literally master their music with the same knowhow and secret settings that give Lurssen Mastering its uniquely special mastering mojo.

Brilliantly complex simplicity: Mastering made easy
Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac and PC offers an easy to use interface that streamlines the mastering process. Users can load a mix, select a mastering style and control a beautifully rendered console that is based on the actual physical console used every day at Lurssen Mastering. The controls included are kept straightforward: There are dynamic controls for select gear chain processors, an Input Drive knob, a five band EQ and a "Push" knob. The "Push" knob allows users to ride the master as it's happening so that they can make subtle and uniform EQ adjustments to enhance dynamics and create peak dynamically enhanced moments throughout the song.

Powerful processing in a DAW or on its own
Lurssen Mastering Console can be used either as a standalone mastering workstation or as an Audio Units, VST 2, VST 3 or AAX plug-in inside a DAW. In both cases, its Input Gain and Push controls can be automated and viewed due to its convenient waveform display. Furthermore, in the plug-in version, the dynamics processors can be automated and controlled via the preferred host DAW. Parameters can be tweaked and saved as presets that incorporate user settings along with the Lurssen Mastering "Styles" preset chosen for mastering similar styles of music. Lurssen Mastering Console allows for a high level of sonic detail thanks to its 88.2/96kHz DSP processing. In the standalone version, audio can be exported in a variety of popular formats.

Projects in Lurssen Mastering for Mac and PC are compatible with Lurssen Mastering for iPad - this means that if users have both applications, they can transfer their projects and use the iPad version to hear how their work sounds on a variety of different output devices (they can also use the iPad version to finish projects and vice versa).  This feature provides a more accurate real-time master and ensures that playback across consumer devices will be consistent and provide the desired listening experience.

Pricing and Availability:
Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac and PC is now available for a limited-time introductory price of just $/€199.99 (excl. taxes) from the IK online store and authorised resellers. Users can download and demo Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac/PC unrestricted for a full 10 days at no cost.

Lurssen Mastering Console for iPad is available on the App Store for FREE in demo mode with new time options for full-functionality available via in-app purchase: 2 days for $/€4.99, 1 week for $/€9.99, 1 month for $/€29.99 and unlimited for $/€99.99.

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