Beardyman And His Amazing Setup

We talk tech, comedy, beatboxing and workflow      16/01/16
    MP4 32:0 mins    

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A while back Beardyman came to town. We thought it was an ideal opportunity to talk the artist behind one of the most complex live loooping and music creation setups in existence - the Beardytron 5000 MKII was developed over a period of time to allow Beardyman who started out as a beat boxer, to be able to go in any musical direction. With custom iPad apps and little known protocols, its become the mainstay of his show.

His current touring show (One Album Per Hour) asks the audience to provide 10 track titles and genres which Beardyman turns into complete pieces of improvised music, with some extra chit chat (he's also extremely funny to watch)

Our very own Gaz Williams got to chat to him while he put together his live system (four iPads, 2 laptops and assorted other items), and just after he came off stage. A real treat.

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