Are Strymon Hinting at a Eurorack Line?

US Strymon's Pedal Monsters are cute and cuddly, but are very hiding a secret?      15/01/16

Are Strymon Hinting at a Eurorack Line?

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2016 is Strymon's second NAMM and to help them navigate the hoards of wandering gear fetishists they have decided to bring along some travel companions.

The pedal monsters will be accompanying the Strymon team down to Anaheim next week, so expect to see them popping up around the trade show. After the event they will be given away as part of a contest.

However these little guys may also be hiding something far more interesting. If you look at this picture below you can clearly see that the monster is sitting on a circuit board surrounded by 3.5mm cables. That is clearly an Arturia BeatStep Pro, and also, we're guessing that that is the back end of a Eurorack case!

Is this a hint a new line of Eurorack modules? or maybe a hint at a modular pedal line? Either way it has definitely got us excited, we'll be showing up at their booth next week to see what they have on offer!

Stay tuned for the updates.

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