Rebel Technology: Updates and Features

We had a chat with Rebel Technology at the Bells 'n' Whistles, Crackles and Pops event      06/12/15

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Last week at Bells 'n' Whistles, Crackles 'n' Pops in Peterborough we had a chat with Martin Klang about updates to the Rebel Technology range.

First up we had a look at the OWL. The OWL is a programmable multi-effects audio processor, it has an online patch library which now contains 95 patches ready to be loaded onto your device. You also don't have to download anything, you can use their online compiler to test and run the patches in your browser.

In this video one of the OWL's was running a dual oscillator and the other is running a delay. We also get to see how easy it is to load patches instantly from the computer.

The dual oscillator OWL was also being controlled by an TouchOSC patch from Martin's phone via the Open Sound module.

The Open Sound Module is a WiFi connectivity module. It sets up a wireless network connection directly with your modular synthesizer. You can use the Open Sound module to connect your modular to your phone, tablet laptop or even to connect two racks together, whether they're in the same room or even in different parts of the world!

For more info on Rebel Technology please visit their website.


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