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K-Devices TERRA incorporates frequency modulation, phase distortion, ring modulation and wave shaping      30/11/15

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K-Devices has released Terra, a polyphonic Max For Live synth incorporating frequency modulation, phase distortion, ring modulation and wave shaping. They say that, with its intuitive layout and characterful sound, it makes a unique and interesting addition to any musician or sound designer's Live instrument arsenal.

Terra's three wavetable oscillators can be switched between four analogue-style wave shapes – Sine, Triangle, Saw and Square – and the spiky Pulsar wave, then mangled, morphed and amplified using the Phase Distortion, Bend and Boost dials. Oscillator 2 features phase modulation and can use Oscillators 1 and/or 3 as frequency modulation sources (with linear or exponential output), while Oscillators 2 and 3 can sync to Oscillator 1 with optional ring modulation. All three oscillators have their own independent amp envelopes, too, whicj K-Devices believes enables a level of dynamic intricacy rarely found in other synths.

In Polyphonic mode, Terra delivers up to eight simultaneous chordal voices; in monophonic Unison mode, eight stacked voices are individually levelled and detuned – manually or by randomisation – for thick supersaws and other weighty tones.

The summed signal from the oscillators feeds into a bank of three multi-effects modules, each housing 13 diverse FX algorithms – filters, distortion, delays, reverb and more. Every control within Terra, including all FX parameters, is assignable as a destination for the synth's four colour-coded modulators. Each modulator can target two parameters at once with one of four bipolar-depth mod sources: morphing LFO (with swing), step sequencer (with adjustable step slopes and interpolation, and randomisation) and two velocity-sensitive envelopes (ADSR and DAHR).

A spokesperson told us, "With its edgy oscillators, unusual architecture and high-impact effects, Terra is geared up to make a wide range of fresh, modern sounds, from weird, shifting textures and step sequenced pads to deep basses, piercing leads and sparkling chords. Experienced synthesists will lose themselves in its endlessly deep but reassuringly logical interface, while the producer in need of quality sounds in a hurry will find a broad range of tweakable starting points in the extensive preset library."

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Currently €37.00 (normally €49.00)at the Ableton shop.

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