Carbon: A New Pattern Based Sequencer From Kilpatrick Audio

US Crowdfunding campaign launched!      05/11/15

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Back in 2010 Kilpatrick Audio released the Pattern Generator eurorack module. Now after 5 years of planning and exploration, Carbon takes that concept and rolls with it offering a unique tabletop sequencer, performance control system and USB Interface.

With 6 tracks each with up to 64 steps Carbon is primarily designed as a pattern-based sequencer. Steps can be generated in a number of different ways; randomly, edited interactively, recorded from a MIDI keyboard one step at a time, or in realtime. Each step is also capable of recording polyphony and MIDI CC's.

Each of the 6 tracks can have different step length, or a different speed, or a different direction. Giving you the easy access to create interesting polyrhythms.

Variations in sequences can be made on-the-fly by simply turning the PATTERN control, different steps in the sequence can be disabled and enabled giving you interesting fluctuations in your original sequence. Kilpatrick Audio state that:

"The patterns will surprise and inspire you by creating new rhythms and motifs with a simple twist of a knob. These are all based on your original sequence and can be changed at any time."

As well as this hands on control of your patterns, Carbon also stores scenes which allow you to switch between different parts of a song or different variations. Scenes can store the range of steps to play, the pattern, track mute state and a number of other parameters.

All of this sequencing oomph can be adjusted in real-time making Carbon a powerful performance sequencer.

Carbon is also a MIDI Switching and routing system. If you, like me are forever using your computer to simply routing MIDI from your computer to the rest if your studio then Carbon can take over from that. Allowing you to easily send your keyboard signal to MIDI and analog instruments. Two built-in MIDI outputs enable separate routing of clock and channel signals from each track. The analog section supports four CV/gate outputs plus reset and clock signals. Both monophonic and duo/polyphonic output types are supported. You can even send to multiple MIDI and analog instruments at the same time.

It also gives Keyboard split functions, an Arpeggiator, and a USB MIDI to CV interface.

The crowdfunding campaign is being launched through Kilpatrick Audio's new online store and will run from the Nov 5 until Dec 4 and they hope to begin shipping in April 2016.

You can make massive savings with the crowdfunding campaign, but you better get their fast because the early birds are selling off quick!

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