Modal Electronics 001 Sounds

US A short burst of British duophonic      26/10/15
    MP4 7:30 mins    

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Prior to having the chaps in for a look at the Modal Electronics 001 - duo-phonic version of the Modal 002 12 voice poly, we had the 001 for 24hours or so.

We took the opportunity to grab a few sound demos and post them here. It definitely has its own character, with a range of quite aggressive, driven sounds, plus the glassy, sparkle of the dual NCOs and digital waves. Synth direct into Behringer X-Air 18 with a couple of effects.

The 001 is a smaller form factor to its big brother (sister?) not sure of the gender of a synth, but featuring the same voice architecture and OS.

We'll have more details on the 001, coming up in the video we shot with designer Paul Maddox shortly.

001 is available now.


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