Synth Heavy Deep Forest Launch Crowdfunded Album

Evo-Devo is the new title      10/10/15

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Deep Forest were one of the pioneers of the ambient electronica chill sound, with their ethnic heavy blend which used vocal performances from various world cultures combined with electronic production. Which in turn led to a long list of album releases - we count 13 so far, which in turn led to an absolutely magnificently equipped studio full of synths in France.

Eric Mouquet, one of the original Deep Forest duo, has started work on a new Deep Forest album entitled Evo-Devo. He's launching it via Pledge - one of the new models for supporting artist with pre-sale er, pledges - like Kickstarter.

Not only can you just buy the album, but there's a variety of other bonus offers aimed at the Deep Forest fan - Eric's Lag Keytar, Zendrum, get your name in the album credits, get your track remixed by Deep Forest, signed CD and vinyl copies, T-shirts and more.

Sadly no synths on offer though, I'm sure he's got a few spares lying around looking at his setup. Nice to see the Waldorf Wave in there - any other spotters care to contribute to the list? Thats what the comments are for...

There's still 60+ days to go before the offer expires.

Deep Forest Evo-Devo on Pledge




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