Presentation: Modal 008 And 002 Update

US Whats the difference?      02/10/15
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Modal Electronics have been pretty busy since they first released the 12 voice 002 polysynth in 2014, additions to the range include a 002R - a rack mount version of the 002 (available in 8 or 12 voice configurations), the 001 - a two voice version and more impressively, a completely new analog architecture 8 voice polysynth - the 008. They've also ramped up production to allow them to distribute worldwide.

While the 002 and 008 share the same core OS, and the same basic hardware form factor - solid steel case, machined aluminium knobs, large LCD display, the voice structure is completely different. The 008 has full discrete components (no filter or voice chips here) for true VCOs analog VCA and an ingeniiously designed fifteen mode multimode filter. This presents a large amount of tonal variation, with switchable resonance and drive for each filter type.


  • 1 pole lowpass
  • 2 pole low pass
  • 3 pole low pass
  • 4 pole low pass
  • 2 pole notch + low pass
  • 2 pole notch
  • 2 pole high pass + lowpass
  • 3 pole high pass + low pass
  • 2 pole band pass
  • 4 pole band pass
  • 3 pole high pass
  • 2 pole high pass
  • 1 pole high pass
  • 3 pole phase shift (all pass filter)

We had a visit from the team - Paul Maddox, the chief architect of the 002 and core OS at Modal, and George Hearn, the designer of the analog architecture of the 008,  to talk differences and similarities. Product specialist Luca Mucci handled the playing duties.

The 008 8 voice is now shipping. Of course, its not aimed at the budget end of the market its priced at £3495/€4975/$5495 + local taxes.

The 002 12 voice,  also shipping features NCO oscillators with an analog VCF and VCA path £2995/€3995/$5200 + taxes


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