Yamaha ReFace CP - Piano Exclusive

More than meets the eye      07/07/15
    MP4 8:49 mins    

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This is the last of our four videos (okay, depends on which order you watch them). The Yamaha ReFace CP is a piano specialist. Again with the mini keys - no matter which way you squint at them, this is what all four models have, the ReFace CP has electric pianos at its core. Additionally there are plenty of effects to tinker with in real-time, the usual phase/wah, chorus/tremolo, digital/tape delay and reverb.

But this is what makes this one so fun, you can really go to town with these, creating tones that would easily fit the Shaft or Dirty Harry soundtracks from yesteryear.

There's 128 voice polyphony so you can stomp on the damper pedal and let rip without limitation.

With the same stereo speakers, and battery power, there's also the same MIDI ports (via adapter) and USB (MIDI only) connections that all ReFace models have.

  • Tone Generator: SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) + AWM2
  • Six high quality keyboard sounds
  • Eight Vintage Effects
  • Five parallel Effects
  • 128 note polyphony
  • Design and controls with "retro feel"
Voice models are as follows:
  • RdI - Electric Piano from the early 70s (think Rhodes MKI)
  • RdII - Electric Piano from the early 70s (MKII)
  • Wr - Classic E-Piano from the late 60s (Wurly)
  • Clv - Typical Clavinet sound
  • Toy - Vintage Toy Piano
  • CP - Yamaha CP80 Grand Piano
Again, priced at £347 UK


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