Hear A Track From Alessandro Cortini's New Album

The all round great guy is at it again!      19/06/15

Hear A Track From Alessandro Cortini's New Album

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In this track from Alessandro Cortini's new album we find him basking in a sea of wonderfully warbely synths, delay and reverb.

The track was premiered on The FADER and Alessandro told them that he feels "La Sveglia" represents the whole record well. The album is called Risveglio which translates as awakening in Italian.

The track builds tension from the very beginning but amongst the muddled synths, delays, crackles and pops, there is still a very definite feeling of optimism.

Repetition is a running theme, but is used to great effect as the track builds to a perfectly timed climax and then quickly subsides.

"It latches onto a sequence of notes while it evolves sonically, spectrally, and emotionally."

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