Get Your Modular Started With A Case

US Choices for price and expandability      05/05/15

Eastwick Cases

A good sturdy, expandable case system, though it is more pricey - you do get what you pay for.


3u Alpha 104HP -

6u Alpha 104HP - available soon


3u with 4ms power and lid = £279.98

3u Unpowered no lid = £150 (case, rails, feet, thumbscrews, 3 colours)

6u with 4ms power and lid = £349

6u unpowered no lid = £199


  • Made By London Modular 
  • Very easily expandable
  • Not the cheapest but certainly good looking
  • Travel friendly if you buy the lids and a carry case
  • Soft carry cases for £50 or so coming soon
  • Power and bus system coming soon also


Written by Edd Butterworth

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