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US Soundiron releases Waterharp v2.0 multi-sampled percussion and effects library      27/04/15

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Soundiron says that Waterharp v2.0 is a deeply multi-sampled percussion and effects library that captures the heart and soul of the waterphone. This unique instrument is a brass vessel with a hollow water chamber and a long neck, adorned with vertical brass tines. Played by strumming, striking and bowing the tines, it creates darkly harmonic or dissonant tones and textures. It's most often used in suspense and horror soundtracks and sound design as a dramatic sound effect tool. Here's the story direct from Soundiron...

"Waterharp 2.0 has been completely redesigned from the ground up for Kontakt 5.1. The brand new UI includes automatable Attack, Release, Edge, Filter, Vibrato and Convolution reverb with 30+ custom halls, rooms and special FX impulses. We've optimized presets to put each category right at your fingertips, with easy articulation menu loading.

We've also rolled our Arpeggiator system into every tuned and strike percussion preset, with plenty of mode, sequencing and time signature options. The effects presets now feature dynamic waveform display, with real-time playback and offset cursor. Hear the library like never before, with fully remastered and restored 24-bit / 48kHz sample resolution. We've also added a new range of deep ambiences, synths and sound-designed atmospheres, all hand-crafted from the original instrument source.

Using different mallets, sticks, metal rods, fingers and palms, bows and even voices, we explored every nuance and hidden musical potential of this instrument. We recorded it both empty and full of water. We even recorded it from the inside out using hydrophones (underwater microphones), while being cooked over open flame and while filled with machine screws. And finally, we created a wide selection of ambient soundscapes, pads, drones, ambiences and atmospheres using the recordings and all manner of creative sound design techniques to take this library to the next level.

The library is 7.86 GB, with 2,927 samples and 18 Kontakt presets. This open-format Kontakt library has unlocked samples and requires the full retail version of Kontakt (free Kontakt Player not supported)."

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On sale for $41.30 through April 20th (normally $59, save 30%)

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