MESSE 2015: Modal Puts The 002 In A Rack

US 002R non-keyboard rackmount version of the 002 is available with 8 or 12 voices      15/04/15

MESSE 2015: Modal Puts The 002 In A Rack

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We saw that empty rack in our Day 1 Messe Blog and now we know what's in it... Modal Electronics has introduced 002R, in response to numerous requests for a 'non-keyboard' version of 002.

Modal Electronics co-founder and Director Paul Maddox, told us "002R was designed to address two issues -- firstly, studios and musicians who may not necessarily have room for a full-sized 002; secondly, several customers have requested an expander for 002 to increase polyphony count, especially when used in multitimbral mode which comes with OS 7.25."

Here's more information in the words of Modal Electronics' spokesperson:

Flying in the face of desktop synth mania, Modal Electronics opted to take the power and flexibility of 002 and -- after an astronomical amount of design work -- repackage it into an industry-standard 3U rack-mountable form factor. Why? Well, simply speaking, there's too much 'technology' inside 002 -- no fewer than 11 circuit boards! -- to make a desktop version. The very nature of discrete analogue circuitry simply wouldn't allow for it, in other words.

When designing 002R, Modal Electronics decided to make it available in two versions -- 002R(12), providing the full 12 voices of 002, and 002R(8), providing eight voices of 002 sound -- perfect for those on a tighter budget, or perhaps wanting it to act as an eight-voice expander for an existing 002. Either way, both versions are fully patch compatible with 002, offering all of its fanciful features -- not least an amazing analogue/digital hybrid voice architecture with either eight or 12 voices of polyphony (up to 12-part polyphonic). Voices can be played in unison or 'stacked' for more complex timbres. The Animator allows for monumental modulation flexibility, bringing 12 animated 'rows' of parameter sequencing into productive play. Speaking of sequencing, the onboard Sequencer supplies two tracks of 32 steps, each with up to 12 notes/parameters, providing polyphonic part playback. Performance-wise, an advanced Arpeggiator abounds with multiple modes and features to musically die for.

Front panel access to all the key features needed for studio and live usage are all present and accounted for -- for example, Quick Recall of preferred presets and instant part Select (in multitimbral mode). Modal Electronics' proprietary Quick Navigate functions allow any edit page, parameter on a page, and associated values to be instantly edited using the three 'macro' keys.

Key to accessing the underlying power of 002R really becomes readily apparent, however, when using the Modal Web interface... use any HTML5-compatible web browser -- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, et al -- on any platform that supports a browser -- desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet -- for full control and editing of 001R's functions via its Ethernet connection... no need for a plug-in! Indeed, Internet- connectivity for straightforward software updates is a breeze, as will be accessing additional features from Modal Cloud -- coming later this summer. So watch this space...

Featuring the same high-quality constructed chassis as its keyboard-based brother, 002, 002R also includes a back panel-positioned expansion slot -- for forthcoming fanciful digital expansion card accommodation, providing two channels of 24-bit/192kHz Audio Out(put) over USB into its user's favourite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Again, as is the case with both 002 and its Musikmesse 2015-announced smaller sibling, 001, 002R includes an internal, worldwide -- 60 Watts | 100 - 240V | 50 - 60Hz -- auto-sensing Power supply with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) mains inlet -- no wobbly 'wall wart' hiding here, thanks very much!

Pricing and Availability:
002R is scheduled to ship in late-May 2015. Available through Modal Electronics' growing global network of authorised dealers, its retail price will start at £1,795.00 GBP (plus VAT)/£2,154.00 GBP (including VAT); €2,395.00 EUR (plus VAT -- varying rates throughout Europe); and $2,595.00 USD (plus sales taxes where applicable) for the 002R(8) eight-voice version. Likewise, the 12- voice version, 002R(12), will be also available in late-May 2015, retailing at £1,995.00 GBP (plus VAT)/£2,394.00 GBP (including VAT); €2,595.00 EUR (plus VAT -- varying rates throughout Europe); and $2,995.00 USD (plus sales taxes where applicable). Alternatively, 002R(8) can be expanded to a full 12-voices at a later date for £329.00 GBP (plus VAT)/£395.00 GBP (including VAT); €449.00 EUR (plus VAT -- varying rates throughout Europe); and $495.00 USD (plus sales taxes where applicable).

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