Tiptop Audio Are Starting A Record Label

US A whole host of modular enthusiasts to be released on the label      19/03/15

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Here is the official Teaser video!

To celebrate the rebirth of a return to the use of hardware Tiptop Audio have decided to start their own record label: Tiptop Audio Records.

Started only 6 years ago, Tiptop Audio has grown into one of the largest and most prolific eurorack manufacturers on the market today.

The first release on the label is a various artists compilation including:ANGLE, BLAWAN, CHRISTIAN BURKHARDT JOAO CESER, JOHN TEJADA, JOSEPH FRAIOLI, MOE ESPINOSA (DRUMCELL), KINK, RICHARD DEVINE and SURGEON each contribute a track stamped with their own style and vision.

All of these artists have been described by Tiptop as "the artists who inspire the Tiptop team to make more innovative devices, which in turn make new music (a nice feedback loop)."

Hear the new record below!


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