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Midimux and Audiomux apps are now available      16/03/15

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midimux, and its counterpart, audiomux, are two brand new apps that take advantage of the ability to transfer data between your device and your Mac via the USB to lighting/30 cable. Here's how developer AppBC describes them...

With midimux, you are no longer forced to rely on wifi-packets or external hardware to communicate MIDI data between a Mac and an iOS Device. It seamlessly integrates your iPad/iPhone into your studio -worry-free, reliable and at an ultra low-latency. It works with all apps that speak MIDI.

midimux lets you..

  • control iOS apps with hardware controllers that are connected to your Mac.
  • sequence and play iOS apps using a DAW running on your Mac.
  • control Mac applications or hardware connected to it, using Lemur, TouchOSC or any other app that uses MIDI.
  • use iOS apps to play and sequence hardware instruments that are connected to your Mac.
  • create virtual MIDI ports on the iPad/iPhone that can be mirrored to the Mac or other iDevices.
  • connect more than one iOS device to the Mac - and send MIDI data between them.

audiomux is the first app capable of streaming audio to a Mac via the standard 30pin/lightning USB cable.
integrate your iOS apps into your music production environment, just like you would use a plugin.

at the technical level, audiomux creates a virtual audio device for each iDevice connected to the Mac. since the audio is transferred digitally via USB, the audio received on either side is transparent, without any loss of signal quality - and that at a very low latency.

  • stream audio from your iOS Apps to your Mac and vice versa
  • Audiobus integration ensures immediate compatibility with countless iOS music Apps
  • connect multiple iOS devices to your Mac, each will create its own audio device
  • low cpu usage – so you can keep using all your apps
  • very low latency via USB

Pricing and Availability:
Midimux costs $9.99 at the app store
Audiomux costs $6.99 at the app store

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