Podcast: Sonic TALK 393 - PO MS SQ MIDI Guitars

Theme tune winner!      19/02/15

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80:44 mins


Gaz Williams - professional bassist, producer technologist

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First up congratulations to our Theme Tune Winner Peter Rundgren, who was picked from a staggering 130 entries for the competition. He wins the iZotope Creative Bundle - worth $599!

After the NAMM madness, its a small panel with myself Gaz Williams - we discuss the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators - which Gaz has recieved for review, I talk about the MS-20 Desktop kit with SQ-1 sequencer, we then move on to Ghost In the MP3 - a techniques used to find the difference between uncompressed and compressed audio (and video) which leads to a discussion about percieved audio quality.

StudioLogic's Sledge 2.0 OS, MIDI guitars wrap up the chat - plus you chance to win iZotope's IRIS 2.

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