NAMM 2015: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Series

Three tiny little machines!      22/01/15
    MP4 13:45 mins    

Buying Choices

These tiny machines come in three different flavours; PO-12 Rhythm, PO-14 Sub and the PO-16 factory.

The PO-12 Rhythm is a pocket drum machine with synthesized drum sounds, the PO-14 Sub is a bass synthesizer with a real synthesizer engine and the PO-16 is a melody synthesizer. All of the modules have a 16 step sequencer with parameter locks and punch-in effects and even a watch and alarm clock!

Each of the machines runs on 2 AA batteries and has external syncability for sync'ing with external gear.

They are available for order from the teenage engineering website now and cost a mere $59!!!

Edd Butterworth


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