NAMM 2015: Vocal Mic With Built-In FX Control

TC-Helicon announces the MP-76 Modern Performance Microphone with Advanced Mic Control      21/01/15

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TC-Helicon say that they are proud to present the next evolution in personalized vocal performance control - the  MP-76 microphone with advanced 4-button control of the latest TC-Helicon FX processors. Here's the story in their own words...

The new MP-76 microphone from TC-Helicon is truly one of a kind. Designed specifically for vocalists who crave total vocal control, MP-76 allows singers to roam the stage freely while controlling their TC-Helicon vocal processor directly from the mic – activating multiple effects, toggling presets, or building killer loops in real-time – without missing a beat. With its 4 user-assignable Mic Control™ buttons and a numeric LCD-display, the MP-76 puts effects control back where it belongs: Into the singer's hand.

Main Features

  • Dynamic performance microphone, with superior vocal tone and feedback rejection
  • 4 user-assignable Mic Control™ buttons for creative FX control
  • Backlit display shows preset number and HIT status
  • Compatible with VoiceLive 3, VoiceLive Touch 2, VoiceLive Play, Play Acoustic, Play Electric, and VoiceSolo FX150

The Modern Mic for Singers
Like its cousin, the one-button MP-75 mic, the MP-76 microphone features a super-cardioid dynamic Lismer™ capsule with a wide responsive range and a high output.

This capsule is specially designed to deliver the best off-axis feedback suppression in its class, as well as rejection of pitched sources nearby that can impact Harmony and other pitch-sensitive effects. In addition, a dual material diaphragm with light and rigid sections produces optimal high frequency response. For singers making use of the latest in TC-Helicon vocal processing, this microphone helps to further give their sound that studio-produced edge.

  • 50 Hz – 18 kHz frequency response
  • Patented neodymium magnet structure for high output
  • Internal suspended dual shock mount

4-Button Performance Control
Going from one button on the original MP-75, to four buttons on the MP-76 increases the options exponentially for every added button. Make loops and activate effects without having to wander back to the connected TC-Helicon processor. Switch to a different preset for the chorus, then push the HIT button and send it over the top with a huge Echo trail, Megaphone lyric, Harmony line or even all three at once. It is all possible with MP-76.
Singers personally decide what the four buttons control, when to activate effects, and – best of all – where on the stage to trigger those moments.

Visual Feedback
The backlit LCD display lets performers know what preset they are on and whether they have activated HIT (i.e. user-set FX combinations in the compatible vocal processor) or not. This makes it easier to prepare sonic changes on the fly without letting the audience know, keeping the show fresh and exciting. In terms of live performances, the MP-76 is a game changer.

No Batteries Needed
The Mic Control™ functionalities of MP-76 is powered by a standard mic cable and the trickle of phantom power sent from the compatible TC-Helicon vocal processor. Unlike voltage-hungry wireless mics, or other types of remote audio gear, MP-76 does not need battery or external power of any kind to work.
With MP-76 live performance literally gets a true singer's touch.

Pricing and Availability:
Available: February 2015
Price: $179.99 US Estimated Price / £119 UK SSP / €149 EU SSP

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