Irish Tin Penny Whistle Library

US Soundiron releases a new Iron Pack      19/12/14

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Soundiron's latest Iron Pack, (number 11), brings you a playable Irish tin penny whistle library, with a full chromatic range of sustains (classic, vibrato, flutter-tongue and trill) and staccatos, as well as short phrases and effects. They say that you'll also get a great set of ambiences and evolving mutated flute atmospheres along with it.

A spokesperson told us, "This remarkable little wind library gives you an unbeatable value in a fun easy package. Check out our detailed walk-through video tutorial with engineer Spencer Nunamaker."

The pack includes 14 instrument presets for Kontakt and SFZ, 128 samples and is 120 MB installed. It requires full retail Kontakt 4.2 or later or you can use any SFZ-compatible sampler or synthesizer plugin.

Pricing and Availability:
On sale for $3.99 for the rest of 2014.

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